Mental Health Facilitator-
Educator’s Edition (MHF-EE) Curriculum

Comprehensive Community Helping Skills Curriculum for Schools

  • "MHF has the potential to augment the mental health knowledge of educators [. . .] to prepare them for their multifaceted roles in 21st century schools."

    - Dr. Lindsey Nichols, Assistant Professor at the Department of Counselor Education and Co-Director of Intercultural Youth and Family Development Program at the University of Montana, MHF Master Trainer, United States

  • 1 in 5 students experience mental health concerns
  • 70%

    70% of teachers feel unprepared to help

  • 97%

    97% of teachers wish they could help

MHF-EE Curriculum Focus Areas

Through training and skills practice exercises, the MHF-EE curriculum prepares school-based community helpers to:

  •  Address special topics in preventive school mental health and student behavior management.
  •  Connect learning community potential, needs and resources.
  •  Encourage strong school relationships, student achievement and social-emotional development.
  •  Identify the five signs of mental illness.*

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*The MHF curricula encompass the five signs of emotional suffering promoted by the campaign. Recognizing signs of personality change, agitation, withdrawal, poor self-care, and hopelessness is infused into the curricula.